Monday, May 3, 2010

Si Samdol And Si Kitol

Pity SamDol Badawi, desperately wanted to be regarded
as a hero by selling our sovereignty!!!

Ayoyo Dollah thamby ...... I thought you have already become a history ... but not really. Your "greatness" never failed to impress us all, especially among bloggers. As proven, your managed to shake public confidence even while your were sleeping. And now you are still making headlines while retiring.

Listen SamDol ....... among the biggest political blunders Tun Mahathir committed was getting you as Prime Minister. But I never blamed Tun for that. Your Mr Clean image had provided perfect smokescreen to the evil doers creeping under you skin.

Had Tun Mahathir been able to see the THREE key elements in SamDol Badawi, Tun would never have gotten SamDol close to Putrajaya.
  1. Your stupidity
  2. Son-in-law Khairy
  3. Kamaluddin and Scomi

Yup Samdol ... your stupidity really prevailed. Whatever deals or decisions you made during your tenure turned out to be a loss for the country as well as for the party. But I do believe, out of these losses there were people who received handsome benefit and got their pocket thick.

And tell me SamDol, who gave you the stupid idea of giving away our sovereignty to Brunei. Rocky was talking about possible RM 320 BILLION loss in revenue. As I mentioned, there would always be people benefiting from your stupid deal. Who are they ....... Kamal and KJ?

Well YAB DS Najib ... please get the Royal Commission to find out.