Monday, April 19, 2010

PACT With The Devil?

The year was 2002, it was the year Zaid Ibrahim brought Hudud to court. What followed later was a highly anticipated drama ... Zaid was virtually attacked by PAS supporters from all angles ... up and down ... left and right ... not to forget front and rear as well (ops ... I'm not referring to Anwar).

That was when the story about Zaid being a heavy drinker spreading fast like thunder. Having that kind of knowledge about Zaid's behaviour, PAS is still giving full support for Zaid in Hulu Selangor. Urmmmmm ... sounds rather strange than fiction.

Or is it really true that his drinking days are already over?
"Zaid said what distinguished him from other leaders was that he was not a hypocrite."
Well I have one formula for us to consider ... those who claim that they are not hypocrites are actually the worst hypocrites on earth ... HA HA HA!!!

Ops ... I wonder how this picture of Khairy mysteriously managed to get into this blog entry. I guess my dear viewers must have heard of a saying ... SPEAK OF THE DEVIL ... HA HA HA